Carmién Gin

Carmién Rooibos Infused Gin is a modern, refreshing drink with a smooth triple distilled citrus gin base. Two handcrafted styles are available. Gin with a rooibos Citrus Chai infusion and a rooibos Vintage Floral infusion. Each a beautiful balance of gin and natural botanicals, providing a classic initial top note of juniper and citrus on the palate with a lingering undertone of chai or floral berry.

Each gin style is further complemented with its own individual selection of Cocktail Garnishes, to visually enhance and provide a refreshingly different drinking experience.

Cecilia Wines

Somehow wine has always had a strong connection with heritage (think old as in bush vines), music, friends and of course romance. Cecilia wines has it all. Old bush vine grapes become music on the tongue with every sip of Cecilia Pinotage and tall stories stretch deep into the night as the real music dies down.

What started with a love for music and good wine making skills combined, turned into a lasting romance. A romance that came the Piekenierskloof way and opened the door for us to host our first bush vine Pinotage with more to follow soon. Two winemakers, also marriage partners, and in the same cellar, can only lead to some great collaborations! And so Piekenierskloof welcomes another friend.

Namaqua Olives & Olive Oil

Warm, dry summers with cool winters led the Avenant family from wine farming to being the only olive oil producer in the Olifantsrivier Valley. Wine and olive oil are no strangers to the culinary world, and both are indispensable as food partners. Namaqua olive oil takes a worthy stand in the food world with a soon to be released Balsamic Vinegar to complete the partnership.

All Namaqua oils are Extra Virgin Cold pressed Olive oil (EVOO), pressed on the Estate. 8 Different cultivars are blended annually to ensure a perfect balance between taste and quality.

Old Vine Project

Old vines make wines with a unique character. Wines that reflect the vastness of our South African landscape – our harsh climate, our old and sometimes fragile soils, and our complex culture. They reflect the decades of growing in one place, in the unyielding sun, the cold winter rain, the storms and winds, on a mountain, on a plain somewhere and then producing these delicate but powerful wines.

The Old Vine Project wants to preserve vines older than 35 years by creating an awareness of the heritage of old vines.